Yes Means Yes

2 min readNov 7, 2022

Saying yes lost it value. Words make everyday less sense. They became signs of superficiality that can be changed instantly, at the speed of the instantaneities of social media

Photo by Hatim Champeli on Unsplash

Words have been disembodied from the flesh, now they are just empty concepts without deep and transcendental meaning. They are vocalized sounds without encouragement or truth.

What happened to the deep and unassailable desire to love another without measures or lies until death?

Marriage remained an anecdote in a romantic comedy that was less pedagogical and more implausible.

Love, trying to love with all your heart, soul and body, seems like an unrealizable ideal. The promise of eternal love, of a faithful dedication in prosperity and adversity, in health and in illness, loving and respecting the other person every day of life is nothing more than a vain and lost tradition.

Among the sheets of history yes was lost. That yes gift of infinity is no more. That impossible promise to achieve has no more faith, has no trust in the love that transcends the spouses. The yes of the marriage vocation was trampled in the quagmire of an increasingly lying and treacherous world.

Do we perhaps forget that a confident yes opened the doors of saving love for us? Does the responsibility that comes with the right to say yes no longer matter?

Yes means yes.

Yes it is a vital affirmation, it is not a conditioned conjunction. It is not a real or hypothetical condition that must necessarily be met for what is expressed to be true or to occur. By saying yes we don’t know what will happen, but we trust that something good will happen. And on that uncertain trust we walk and not on a mere verbal transaction.

Yes means yes. To forget that is to disintegrate the meaning of the adverb. Assent means working your butt off and fighting 100% at all times to support it, and not speculating to see what will happen.

Saying yes is being present in the moment to allow Heavens merge with the Earth. Being here is handcuffing yourself to destiny and saying yes, to heaven on earth. As we do so, God dances of joy and the angels sing and the word becomes flesh in our flesh. That is the power of a sincere yes.

Let’s ask, pray and look for more loving, sweet and firm yes. This is how the gates of Heaven will open and it will rain graces like few times before has been seen. You just have to dare to say yes.