Inequality Poverty

No Other No Success!

On how a government sought to rebuild a deteriorated system by optimizing its parts and whole, integrating it into the city, listening and providing the ‘necessary tools so that its inhabitants can develop their life projects’

Photo by Benjamin Disinger on Unsplash

A third way is always possible

There is a better alternative. A new look, approach or state operating model in which parts of the formal system are established in the still irregular territory system to gradually and sustainably amalgamate coexistence, with a single agency or entity in charge of managing and controlling the territorial urbanization strategy and social integration. Six years ago the CABA government decided to innovate, act from a different perspective to rethink and design the solution to the problem of infrastructure, housing, and society. The first step was to bring the state closer to the neighborhoods, locating offices in the territory that would allow a close and fluid dialogue, access to security, opportunities for economic development, access to education, and generic and structural changes. The next step was to bring all the necessary procedures to people in a simple and mobile way. The objective was to simplify access to basic rights that were previously not possible.



Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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