Who Defines Success and Goes Down in History?

An almost endless column of subjects walks searching, reaching and manifesting their achievements. Authors, inventors, influencers, forgers, manufacturers, geniuses, innovators, pioneers, scientists, founders… Remarkable people who seem to light up the globe. Those who suffer, the poor, the meek, the hungry, the good, the peaceful, the persecuted, are they successful?

2 min readJun 30, 2021

What extraordinary thing did that person do so that even today he is cited as one of the most important figures of the century? What predisposes one or certain mortals to become immortal protagonists of History? What makes their lives so controversial, with sides for and against? Are the economic, political, cultural trophies that define the worth, magnitude and transcendence of people? Can someone without laurels, health and genius bear witness to something, draw crowds and move the world? Can an absurd and useless, weak and fragile life perpetuate itself? Can confinement, solitude and silence paradoxically transmute into openness, community and noise? Who defines what is success? Who distributes and orders the sequence of celebrities in the generations?

What do these “makers” of History do? In fact, the questions must be asked differently: it is not what they do that makes some people so exceptional, but what they are.

Days go by and I understand that it is not only interesting to measure the amount of works or the amount of actions that someone carried out, but the substance of their being. You can invent nothing or produce anything and be part of History. The leading role is defined by the director of the play, not us. Controversy is an indispensable condition for awakening consciences, tearing hearts and restoring the soul. Triumph cannot be oblivious to the deepest, most mysterious and unfathomable feeling of the cosmos, love.

Whoever radiates love transfigures his existence, and that of others.

Whoever welcomes and receives others with benevolence and listens transforms the universe.

Who encourages and advises from the heart reconciles and perfects.

Who loves, inspires.

Who inspires, infects.

Who infects, cleans.

Whoever cleans, converts.

What do the internet, social networks, advertisements and movies offer us? Forced smiles, makeup faces, licenses, figures, appearances, archetypes.

What does it offer us to be what we are? Strength of mind, being the main actors in our own life, a renewed look, the greatest and substantial of all possible successes, moving others, even if our days seem absurd, useless, weak and fragile. We will perpetuate ourselves. Who then defines what is success? The one who distributes and orders the sequence of celebrities in generations for ever and ever.