Uncanceled: What is Truth?

It is the most important question in History. There is no more direct and profound question that we can ask others and ask ourselves. Answering that question gives meaning to life. Not answering, well…


But what is the truth?

The Truth is not what I want it to be, it is not suitable to my desires or feelings, it is not negotiable or debatable, it is not me and it is not you. The truth is not changed by the impetuous opinions of the majority.

The masses have never been thirsty for the truth because they distance themselves from the facts they don’t like and adore the errors that make them fall in love. The owner of the masses will be the one who knows how to deceive them. Whoever tries to undeceive them will be a victim of the masses. (Charles-Marie Gustave LeBon)

The truth IS, it is one and indivisible. The truth must be known, and not just repeated like a parrot. The truth can be discovered from the height of knowledge or from the pit of ignorance.


The truth needs courage, which is a strength of the soul that means maturity, vigor of spirit, audacity of will and, also, the capacity for love and sacrifice. This ability will help hold what is true as true and what is false as false.



Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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