Too Rich, Too Soon

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The biggest pandemic of the 21st century was not COVID-19. Not even Coronavirus is the cause of the most widespread disease on the planet in recent years. The longest and most widespread pandemic in universal history is called avarice. The ambition to want more for the simple fact of having more. First cousin of this is self-indulgence. The stinginess of believing that you have some credit for reaching the top of the world because of years of sleepless nights.

The heroes are still the passionate people in the trenches: the firefighters, the nurses, the medical personnel, the caretakers who seek not to hoard but to give.

The premise of ‘Fake it til you make it’ deeply hurt many egos blinded by the influence of superiority. Lying infinitesimally to achieve a majority truth became a valid and puerile argument to justify the means that lead to the desired end. Machiavellian egos still dominate.

This disease had its metastasis in Medium. The platform is so contaminated by momentary pleasant nonsense, extreme trivial and superficial readings, recipes for immediate and improbable riches that it has ceased to cause amusement and causes deep sorrow. How unfortunate that what matters most are the false and misleading recipes to achieve the ephemeral!

The Book of Examples of Count Lucanor and Patronio (1335) illustrated it. ‘Some advise me to collect as much money as possible, and even tell me that this suits me better than anything else.’

So did Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the failed Theranos company. The Dropout series and the documentary Inventor: Out of Blood in Silicon Valley show how a tiny lie, followed by another tiny one, then a microscopic lie can build a real house of cards, fooling many intelligent individuals. Behind these concatenated farces hides an excessive pride fed by unlimited voracity.

Medium is full of tiny Theranos that are presented as castles of riches and opportunities for the ambitious, proud and absent-minded. Anxious youths continue to revile History, teacher and old counselor of wisdom, without paying attention to its imperishable, but already forgotten, teachings.

“Where your treasure is, there is your heart”



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