The Whole Nine Yards: Bytes, Cryptography, Algorithms, Roboto’s, Predictions & Exchanges

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

The new economy theme park has it solid foundations built on the swampy Satoshi Blockchain and its inherent Trilemma: decentralized, scalable and secure.

There are more than sixteen thousand crypto-attractions to amuse the visitor! Those bricks were quickly, irrationally and improvisedly deposited, overlapping one another without unifying cement on top of The Block. People are arriving tired of the financial imprisonment of the legacy system, that system with no Trilemma: they are safe, slow and centralized. Customers expect less from them every day because they saw them destroy the economy, over and over again without consequences for their perpetrators. But visitors and future users are appalled at the immensity and incomprehensibility of the crypto theme park. Everything is new, so much so that they enter with distrust and extreme caution. They ask the same questions a thousand times listening to a thousand different answers. There are no border fences or cartoons in disguise (Wow! Actually, there are thousands of scammers masquerading as must-take opportunities!) It’s all so big and so complex! How and where to start?

The first thing is to have a known leader, a meeting point and a plan so to hear John ‘Hannibal’ Smith from The A-Team say: ‘I love it when a plan comes together’. Algorithms, consensus, trading points, conversation tweets and the coins airdrops can make even the most experienced internet sailor dizzy. In the central arena of the New Cryptoworld technically called Web3, a tortoise and a hare are having a huge and puzzling battle for new entrants. The disproportionately giant state tortoise wants to regulate and define policies for the use of the theme park: who enters, where, how, how much to charge for admission, etc. The also huge mutinous corporate hare, in its retail or as institutional investors forms want to know the park first before arranging it in their favor. The visitors witness the scene with stupor and bewilderment waiting who will win.

Some diplomatic tortoises, moving around on roller skates, decided not to fight and instead embraced the corporate hares. There are El Salvador and, probably, Tonga, Paraguay and Panama. Perhaps this attitude could make the park run smoothly. We will have to wait and see what will happen and the impact that this will have on the economy. Even so, the scene is still very confusing!

Faced with so much chaos, there is the possibility of going to the backyard and resting a bit. There, some experienced guides will explain to visitors, in a simple, fast, safe and clear way what they have to do to grow their future. There they will be able to distinguish the more than 80 crypto Trading Pairs available to exchange, they will learn how to invest globally and how to do Contract, Copy and Grid Trading. What do those Trading Pairs mean? For the neophytes, they are the Wuzzles, fantastic animals made up of different animal halves: BTC/USDT looks like a Bumblelion; ETH/USDT, Eleroo; ATOM/USDC, Butterbear and so on up to the Rhinokey.

The main attraction is the sixteen thousand crypto race. Only three will rise to the podium this 2022 and it will be the most appealing, technically sound, most aligned with their mission and those that awaken a feeling of empathy with users. The first two medals are obvious, a no brainer. Third place will be the big surprise, and perhaps the big bet.


The Mothership of all cryptocurrencies will continue to be at the forefront for a while longer until the decoupling. Although regulations could arrive first, its decentralization will allow it to survive despite them. The household name and it mining power will make BTC more acceptable and secure than the thousands of altcoins that swarm the new financial Metaverse.


The Big Sister of altcoins will be upgraded to ETH 2.0 in a few months. The rising fever of NFTs, DeFi, stablecoins and DAOs will make ETH market value rise to the moon.


It is a delegated PoS blockchain with smart contract compatibility, interoperable with Ethereum and soon (the near future) it will be possible to interact with smart contracts and DAOs. They have maybe the best team of all projects in Cryptoworld, and that’s a lot to say. It went from $1.01 on 1/1/21 to $16,912 on 1/15/2022. When they explain it with a whiteboard is easier to understand, despite its complexity.



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