The Three Beautiful Daughters of Hunchback Capitalism and the Static Marxist Axolotl

Photo by John Macdougall/AFP via Getty Images (USA Today)

What if…? That delusional and surreal question that every human being has untiringly asked himself, made today for geopolitics. If the North were the South a Central American troubadour* sang, and what would have happened if She and He fell in love despite their differences. Because only love will save the world and the Marxist Teresa and the Republican John can dance to the new tune of the 21st century. Unnecessary dichotomies vanish like a sigh of smoke. The diversity of ideas, and their coupling, generates unprecedented innovations and combinations, such as socialist monstrosities with a market economy and ideal liberal democracies with mixed economies.

It is not necessary to have Einstein’s IQ to affirm, almost with the force of universal law, that the socialist states have been a resounding failure. Currently there are only five socialist countries: China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, 2.65% of the total. There are 188 non-socialist countries, but not necessarily liberal democracies. The defense rests, your Honor.

Ad hoc memory aid draft

The history of this home that we call Earth recalls, not without panic, that in the meeting between the socialist Homeland and the liberal democratic State, the dishes did not fly like rockets in the discussions, but the coexistence between the two was heatedly icy. The children of the planetary table saw the masters of the house shouting at each other, exchanging arguments vehemently while machine-gunning each other with trips, tricks and chicanes in various home rooms. The marital problem was not solved with a divorce but with the profound fall from grace of the midwife, consumed by a spiritual asphyxia like a slow and almost mortal cancer. The socialist homeland did not leave the house, but it transmuted deformed into a strange, but familiar aberration, an amphibian that did not become the communist salamander, but a species in extinction: a failed pseudo-mixed and oligarchic democracy axolotl.

The democratic State, full of pride and power, dizzy with dominion, marched around the world sharing its model, but when it was looked closely, the great hump on his back and the wart on his left eye was in plain sight. The closer the stare, the more horrifying it became, and it was perceived that from so much ringing the stock market bell it had become deaf to the problems of others and myopic to the reality of poverty and inequality. Hated for his deformity it took a lot of effort to notice the kindness of the heart of this modern Quasimodo.

Before the resounding ideological rupture, the Marxist mother and the Liberal father gave birth to three beautiful Scandinavian girls and named them Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Extraordinarily harmonious, beautiful and integrated, the three hybrid nations, like clones, grew anonymously away from conflicts and disputes, ignored by the leaders of the world and feared for their idealization, species and lineage. How is it possible that such beautiful social-democracies are born from such unpleasant parents? Because only love will save the world, and the Marxist Teresa and the Republican John, unknowingly danced to the tune of the 21st century, the rhythm of Social Democracy.

  • * Si el norte fuera el sur album by Ricardo Arjona (1996)



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