The Only Way Out Form the TradiFi Maze is From the Top?

Traditional finance (TradiFi for short). A complex, unpredictable and unexpected maze with multiple and changing paths

3 min readMar 17, 2023

For the simple financial pedestrian who writes this, finance is a complex and confusing design. The activities of supply and demand are intertwined and interconnected in such a way that it is difficult to find an exit or the correct path to reach a specific point: a meager profit. Walking its paths, I often suffer a feeling of confusion and disorientation, as if I were navigating a maze.

Today, I stopped in front of the Temple of Markets. I saw modern scribes, financiers, those gurus full of formalities, legalisms, and trivialities. While observing them, they revered the quasi-divine economic will of buying and selling. They lit incense made of bills while reading the sacred books of Buffet and Dalio.

I noticed, like a novice, that they seemed more like a pharisaic and uncompromising party, ambitious for honor and wealth, than servants of the god Mammon.

They believe they have the obligation to professionally interpret the voice of values, markets, and capital generation for us, the ignorant masses (we are all rookies). For us, the common people who come from the countryside, access to the Market Temple is regulated in all its most insignificant details. We, numerous and ordinary, exist far from the gibberish, jargon, and religious complexities of the doctors of economic law.

When an economic pedestrian like the undersigned enters the Temple of Markets to order his personal finances, he finds a maze. These are the 8 strategies used to navigate TradiFi until finding the way out:

Systematic strategy

A rigorous and structured method to explore and find a way out. Follow a step-by-step procedure dividing the maze into sectors to move forward without passing through the same place twice. 1. Income and expenses budget. 2. Expense analysis. 3. Financial goal planning. 4. Monitoring and evaluation.

Make a map

Explore randomly, see details and possible paths. Draw it, identify it, mark the route, traverse it. 1. Financial checkup. 2. Expense reduction. 3. Savings. 4. Investment. 5. Generate additional income. 6. Financial education.

Look for patterns, signals or benchmarks

Among the objects, the design characteristics, decoration, clues on the way, and turns, there is usually a standard. 1. Trends. 2. Economic cycles. 3. Chart analysis. 4. Seasonality. 5. Timetables.

Use logic

Always to the right, or always to the left, or always zigzag. It takes longer to find a way out, but the exit is there.

Ask for help

Someone has already walked, solved the problem, and found the way out of the maze. With courage, ask for a hand to reach the financial goal.

Fly out from the top (Icarus Myth)

Look for a new perspective, take a creative or innovative approach, move away a bit to find a solution, without drowning.

Use technology

Mobile applications, online investment and P2P lending platforms, or Artificial Intelligence. This exoskeleton can be custom-fitted.

Digging from below with DeFi

With the blockchain shovel, we reach disintermediation, mutual trustless trust, a commission-free exchange, new (necessary) products and services, privacy, security, and transparency. We bypass the difficulties of the confusing but luminous surface but encounter the problems