The Miley Cyrus Theology

It may be true that no one has the whole truth, but we all have a little bit of the truth. And perhaps mischievous and cunning as the truth is, it wants to hide everywhere, even if it is disguised. What does she dress up as? Of songs, of feelings, of pain, of phrases, of music, of the breezy time of the day, of unsolved mysteries, of God made man…

3 min readNov 12, 2022


Arise the might men

And some brushstrokes of truth are in the most unusual places, those nooks, and crannies where no one would look for it. What does she do that for? To challenge us, to force us to think and act.

Many times, we believe that the truth is pure, crystalline and evident, but it seems that it likes to appear dirty, obscured and hidden. It would not be madness coming from a mad God who hides from his creatures in misery, suffering and loneliness, in pain, insanity, silence and anguish.

The science that studies God is the science that seeks the truth, and it is not the property of anyone on Earth and everyone can receive a glimpse of its light, in any form and at any time. It is enough to be open to inspiration, and in general, artists listen more to the inspiring God than the common citizen.

This is how I discover that we all want to achieve the dream we are dreaming. We almost achieve it, but a voice inside our heads tells us ‘No’, that we are not going to reach it. It is impossible because we are incapable. That damn voice tells us that dreams belong to a privileged few, people with talents that we lack, with a star or with ‘luck struck’.

Every step becomes more difficult then. Doubts intensify, faith begins to succumb. A feeling of loss and lost invades the soul that enters the dynamics of despair. Each step is more difficult, trust and hope waver. We only must persevere, keep our heads looking up while we walk on earth fighting those demons that tell us ‘No’.

Life turns into an uphill battle, and after some small peaks other mountains appear, and another and one more with higher peaks. How to continue walking with so many difficulties? Faith whispers that we can move these mountains, but they do not move an inch despite the forces we command. Faced with the immensity of failure, we can only keep going, continue ascending. Although the mountain does not move, the mission is to walk. There are trips and falls and injuries, tiredness, frustration, losses, some irretrievable. But the mission is to continue.

Slowly and surely, not waiting for what is waiting on the other side of the last mountain but trusting in the process of living confidently, of walking leaving everything on the way up. Never stop walking, face fights, take risks, receive blows, and get up ‘because in the art of ascending the important thing is not not to fall but not to stay down’.

Every battle, every wound, every pain and blow is a lesson that will be a lesson for the future. We must keep going. You just must keep trying. Each test strengthens.

And keep the faith. Because it’s all about the climb. You just must keep the faith.

Miley Cyrus, The Climb (2009)




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