The Lady Gaga Theology

Perhaps it is true that no one has all the truth, but we all have a little bit of the truth. And maybe, mischievous, and sly as truth can be, it wants to hide everywhere, though disguised. What does truth disguise itself as? As songs, feelings, pains, phrases, music, the cool breeze of the evening, unsolved mysteries, God made man…

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And some brushstrokes of truth are in the most unlikely places, those nooks, and crannies where no one would look for it. Why does truth do that? To challenge us, to force us to think and act.

Many times we think that truth is pure, crystal-clear, and evident, but it seems that truth likes to appear soiled, obscured, and hidden. It wouldn’t be crazy, coming from a crazy God who hides from His creatures in misery, suffering, and loneliness, in pains, lunatics, and anguish.

The science that studies God is the science that seeks the truth, and it is not anyone’s property on earth, and anyone can receive a glimmer of its light, in any form and at any time. All it takes is to be open to inspiration, and generally, artists listen more to the inspiring God than the average citizen.

And suddenly a song called ‘Hold My Hand’ appears. It is a slow litany, a lonely tear on a cheek, a rocking chair pain, and a pop prayer. And I heard from the heavens a nearby God speaking in a confused manner, ‘You don’t need to say anything to tell me you need me.’ Continuing maternally, ‘Hold my hand, everything will be okay.’

Life has been difficult, and from the heavens, they heard that the clouds have been gray. That nearby God asked, ‘Pull me closer, wrap me in your aching arms. I see that you are in pain, I suffered too, and I know what you are going through. Why did it take you so long to tell me you need me? I know, I know your suffering and bleeding, you don’t need to show it to me again. I know you. If you decide, I will travel with you in this life. I will not leave you until the end.’

‘Cry tonight, but don’t you let go of my hand. You can cry until the last tear, I will not leave. Promise me you will stay with me, just hold my hand. Lift your head, look into my eyes that are looking at you. That fear within you will go away, give it time. I can see everything that you are blind to right now. Your prayers will be answered, I will whisper how. Trust me, don’t let go of my hand.’

A woman who was afraid and overcame says, ‘I know you are afraid, and your pain is imperfect, but don’t give up. Fight! Listen to this story, I was a child, she once told me that she would be happy again, even through pains and sufferings. And she was right, I was and am eternally happy.’

Hold my hand, yes, hold my hand. I heard from the heavens…

Lady Gaga, Hold My Hand (2022)




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