The Greatest Added Value of Today? Be Bearers of Hope

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If we look at each other carefully, we can understand that we are incomplete. Something is missing, but we don’t really know what. We search day and night. At certain moments we crumble when we cannot find the remnant of happiness. For this reason, it is an imminent task to begin to build the hope of tomorrow today, knowing that the world will not end without first having the opportunity to achieve each and every one of our deepest longings, those that only the heart can express.

Neither wars, injustices, pandemics, alien invasions or the disappearance of the sun will come before the opportunity to perfect ourselves.

We must have an active, living, mobilizing hope, the nourishment of an imposing spiritual force. Not to fall into the incorrigible, foolish and lucky optimism of the one who waits for the outside to change, to come to act, but the hope that does not disappoint, the answer to the call. The greatest luxury today is to be a bearer of hope, believing in progress, in action, in small, moving and overwhelming tasks like Nature, like Universe.

What is hope?

Hope is the motor virtue par excellence; that inner energy that, awakening legitimate human desires, places man in a state of restlessness, nonconformity and longing, until he is able to launch him into action. Eternity hides secretly in the everyday. In every small gesture there is a galaxy that is moved. At each step taken in the direction of generosity the abyss trembles and fossil-men angry, hopeless, pessimistic and downcast. But what do we hope with our hope?

We hope to be ready to receive something as we walk with effort, but with joy, walking without fear. We go like this. And what about our weaknesses that hold us so much to vital inaction? And our mistakes that looking back are on the side of the road? Without error there is no correction. Without mistake there is no success. Deified reason cannot be the hero of this story. Reason has little faith. Reason gets tired very quickly because misunderstanding defeats her multiple times. Despite failure or accomplishments, there is a presence that guides us.

That presence is not hidden from us. He constantly comes out to meet us. It manifests itself discreetly. Many of us are minors in how we live freedom, always blaming others and never being responsible. Coming of age comes hand in hand with realizing that we are beings inclined to do evil, we can do it and in fact we do it more than we think or manifest. Even so, man creates with God his own salvation, this collaboration (synergism) decides the true greatness of man.

Impossible is nothing

There is a disproportion between what is asked and human weakness. Shouldn’t things be like that and there should be that disproportion between what is required of man and his weakness? The world is tired of ideologies, of artificial and incomplete truths, of slogans and outrageous shouts about empty slogans. Ideologies divide and create antagonisms, rifts and enmities. Deep, humanizing, universal beliefs bring together and build bridges. The truth is there, where some limited ideologies reach the threshold, but do not cross it. There is a truth that is universal, whether we like it or not. On it are founded the inalienable rights of people, the dignity of each life and freedom.

With, on and for that truth we do the implausible. Leaving ourselves, going towards others, the incredible is achieved. We are fair to others when we love them. In turn, man affirms himself more completely in the free act of his own giving to the cause of others, that is, giving himself.

  • We should not be afraid of what man has created.
  • The destiny of humanity is not in the consciousness of the nations.
  • Divine demands will never exceed human possibilities.
  • Cross the threshold of hope, don’t stop there.
  • Youth is the time to ask yourself questions and seek definitive answers.
  • Guides are needed to accompany and warm hearts.
  • Life has meaning if it is a free gift for others.
  • You have to love human love, with enthusiasm, to reach God.
  • Man is called to transcend himself, to open himself to infinity.

Inspired, quoted and paraphrased José Miguel Odero’s Crossing the threshold of hope



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