The Condor that Lived Among Turkeys and Didn’t Know it Could Fly

Photo by Ronald Ladines on Unsplash

A girl with huge dreams appears, full of ideals, with pure passion without limits. Sponge ready to be soaked by the goodness of life. The Master’s gaze with a pleasant face, like a grin. The girl’s approving reply with happy eyes.

Her condition: deaf-mute. The loud useless noise of the horn behind her. Verbal assaults: ‘A chicken tries to fly and a deaf one wants to learn to play the violin’. The evident contrast between the wealth of the aggressor with the poverty of the victim. The piano, needy, an accomplice piano of the evil plan not to let the domesticated bird fly. As that ‘Menapacean’ condor that lived among turkeys and never discovered its true identity and reaching old age, it died. And to think that he was born for the heights!

Still alive, this ad young woman suffers from nourished violence, with abundant aggressiveness and harsh words: ‘You are wasting everyone’s time’ wanting to fly. Reaction with sadness, pain, anguish, loneliness, doubts and questions. Why am I like this? Is what I want to achieve really impossible?

And again, the music of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon that caresses our soul. The popular applause appears before the beauty and a theatrical reverence. We want to see her soar in flight, soar vicariously with her the skies. We ask ourselves, like the girl, just one question. The question for the dream, for the deepest longing. ‘Are you still playing the violin?’ From so many blows, the dam that had remained firm and stoic holding the dream breaks. The waters flow in tears with deep pain. And the question ‘Why am I different from others?’ And the Master’s answer ‘Why do you have to be equal to others?’ Again: ‘Why do you have to be equal to others?’

The smile is forced. The water stops running. We understand, in the end we understand what the Master wanted to tell us: ‘Music is something visible’. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months go by. We perfect art with dedication and passion. We discover the ungraspable, inspiration invades us, the heart quickens and the body flies. We want to embrace the entire world and offer our supreme legacy.

Once again, the mean pianoforte emerges announcing its constant anger, vehement envy and hidden violence with irrepressible, powerful blows. The facial contortion of the perverse erupts…

The instrument is broken. Hopes are running out. Everything is lost. The instrument is restored. Hope recovers. Everything is to be won.

Now the soft piano pianissimo appears and with the joy of a convert announces a novelty, something different, the wings have spread, and they flap to undertake, to soar in flight. The larva went through its transformation process into a butterfly.

Jhanraphael Vergara (YouTube)

You can fly against all odds. Unless you want to keep on being the condor living among turkeys. Here’s how:

  • Wait until the wickedness of this world give way to the goodness of those who believe and hope beyond what is seen. ‘Faith is something visible’.
  • Visit a sick person because is imperative, disinterested and necessary.
  • Start over. Relive the flashbacks. The violin needs to go back to the time when it was wood.
  • Vulnerability is our ally. The feeling that makes us fragile is not an enemy.
  • Scream like the disconsolate cry of the violin that surprises the disbelievers, wakes up the lazy and transforms everything. Let the scream flow when your time is right.
  • Hold on up to the sound is ripped, and 10 seconds of absolute silence arrive. Search for stealth, reserve and peace. The lonely time to search for the truth.
  • Welcome incredulity. Go out to meet her with hugs and joy. It means that the goal is near.
  • Listen to the applause. Let them sink deep into the spirit and rejoice in the welcome to the crowded and happy paradise.
  • Final. We are going to go. This life will eventually end. The curtain will be lowered.

Will we have shone despite the opposing possibilities?

Ads of the World (2009) Credits: Advertising Agency: Gray, Thailand. Executive Creative Directors: Sajan Raj Kurup. Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup. Copywriters: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai. Agency Producer: Bee. Director: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai. Production Company: Phenomena, Bangkok. Chief Operating Officer: Shilpa Swaroop. Account Management: Joy.



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