«Templatization» of the Mold: Long live! Copy&Paste

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Larry Tesler

I strongly believe that every person on the planet who sits in front of a computer every day should light a candle in honor of Lawrence Gordon Tesler (1945–2020). Who was Larry Tesler? Neither more nor less than the inventor of the Copy&Paste function. Every working life should have three indicators: Trackers & ads blocked; Bandwith saved; Time saved (like the Brave internet browser). The time gained from typing cmd+C & cmd+V or Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V should be right under our noses regularly. It will be possible to ask later what was done with that time gained… but that’s another story.

One of the best possible ways to “win time or not lose it”, in addition to the magical functions created by Larry, is the «templatization» of processes or products. «Templatizing»? What does that mean? A pattern made of metal, plastic, or paper, used for making many copies of a shape or to help cut material accurately; Something that is used as a pattern for producing other similar things; A system that helps you arrange information on a computer screen (cmd+C & cmd+V from the Cambridge Dictionary)

One day it is already in itself an equal mold for Elon Musk, Blackbeard or Doña Rosa form Claromecó, Argentina. The time of that day can be modeled or converted into a standardized pattern of use in almost as many ways as there are inhabitants on the earth. Some routines will be generated (which is the copy and paste from the previous day to the next day) that will be a concatenation of processes effective, efficient and productive.

Chameleon Dot-to-Dot

Throughout the journey, each of these patterned points will connect with the next according to the path established by us or by others. As a vital Greenlandic maxim invented at this very moment might have say: “If there is a way, there is a shortcut. If there is a shortcut, there is a smile. If there is a smile, there is destiny. And destiny is nothing more than having connected the dots.

So, like the midpoint in mathematics between two extremes of a segment, we would enter the limits of infinity, like the space that Michelangelo Buonarroti left between the fingers of God and men… but that is another story.

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A possible scheme for the day could be to divide it into three blocks of eight hours, or in thirds. A third to rest, a third to work and a third for leisure: 8+8+8. Or maybe we have to write, like when we were children, a story of what would be the best day for us, leaving spaces to fill in. To do this, we can take this Microsoft Word Funny fill-in story.dotx template and complete each day: The Best Day Ever and The Perfect Adventure to see how the days go by. Or, something I’m thinking, is to put the week together like a Rubik’s Cube. It could be called maybe Ruweek.

I’m going to keep thinking about it while I’m completing the templates.

The Best Day Ever

One day I woke up feeling___________(Emotion), and I knew it was going to be a special day. The sky was___________(Color) and the weather was ___________(Weather), so I hopped out of bed, put on my___________ (Article of clothing) and my ___________ (Adjective)___________(Type of footwear), and I was ready to ___________(Verb).

Outside, I caught the first___________(Type of vehicle), which took me straight into___________(Town/City). I went___________(Direction) until I came to a store selling ___________(Adjective) ___________ (Plural noun), where I bought the perfect ___________(Adjective) ___________(Noun)!

Next, I treated myself to a___________ (Type of food) snack at a___________(Type of food) restaurant. It was very___________(Temperature), but it was still good enough to ___________(Verb).

Finally, I went back home. I fed the ___________(Animals), then sat down on the___________(Piece of furniture), and thought, “What a/an ___________(Adjective) day!”

Microsoft Word Template

The Perfect Adventure

There once was a fox whose best friend was a ________(Adjective) llama. For llama’s birthday, fox decided to take her friend on a ________(Adjective) adventure to celebrate their great love for each other. So, knowing not where to begin, they started to________(Verb). Making a pathway of the ________(Noun, plural), they advanced until they found a ________(Adjective) land of ________(Noun, plural). In the land lived________(Adjective) creatures whose job it was to ________(Verb) all day long.

They approached one of the creatures, and asked his recommendation for a ________(Adjective) adventure. The creature answered, “________(Interjection)! That’s easy. Simply build something ________(Adjective) that’ll make a lasting impact.” So they set off to ________(Verb) and together built a tiny ________(Noun) with giant ________(Noun, plural).

Upon their return, they sought a second opinion from a ________(Adjective) creature, who advised, “Do something that changes your life and the way you _______(Verb) the world.” So the friends decided to take a ________(Adjective) flying lesson and discovered all kinds of ________(Adjective) wonders.

At this point, the sun was setting on this rather ________(Adjective) day. Llama fell asleep with a happy ________(Icon, expression) on her face, while fox worried over their________(Adjective), wasted hours. Just then she caught sight of llama, whose hands held a ________(Adjective) journal entry detailing their adventures. That’s when fox realized ________(Adverb) that wherever they were together was a ________(Adjective adventure. She settled in next to her friend, placed her ________(Noun) round her, and sighed the most contented ________(Icon, expression) she’d ever sighed.

Microsoft Word Template

Story Title

Ready to create your own Funny Fill-in story? To get started right away, just replace this text with your own. You can customize your story by adding your own pictures, shapes, and icons. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, just tap the option you need.

Once your story is complete, go back and replace the nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and other words with fill-in blanks. To create the fill-in blanks, just add a series of underscores, like this: ____________.

To add the labels, at the end of each line of your story, press Enter twice to create an empty paragraph between each line. Type the label text, and then select the Fill-In-Label style from the Styles gallery on the Home tab. Use tabs and spaces in front of the label to position it under the fill-in blank: ____________.

Fill-In Label

Get creative with your fill-in labels by using an Icon from the Insert tab in place of the label text. Resize and recolor the icons on the Format tab, and then select the Fill-In Icon style for the label paragraph:____________.

Stuck for story ideas? Get inspiration from a favorite story, fairytale, song, movie, or show. For a special occasion, such as a birthday or family get-together, write a story about the person or a funny family story.



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