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Seeds Only

Photo by 煜翔 肖 on Unsplash

They say that a young man was once walking through an unknown city, when, suddenly, he came across a shop on whose marquee had a strange sign: “Happiness”.

Upon entering he discovered that, behind the counters, those who dispatched were angels. And half scared, he approached one of them and asked: “Excuse me, what are you selling here?” “Here? — answered the angel — . Here we sell absolutely everything”. Ah! — said the young man amazed. Then serve me the end of all the wars in the world; many tons of love between men; a great drum of understanding between families; more time for parents to play with their children…”

And so, he continued until the angel, very respectful, cut him off and said: “Excuse me, sir. I think I have not explained myself well. Here we do not sell fruits, but seeds only”.

In the markets of God (and in those of the soul) it’s always like that. They never sell you love already manufactured; they offer you a little seed that you must plant in your heart; that you then have to water and cultivate lovingly; that you have to preserve from frost and defend from cold, and that, finally, late, very late, who knows in what spring of life, it will end up blooming and lighting up your soul.

And the same thing happens with peace. There are those who would like to go to a store, pay a few dollars or few millions and take few well packed kilos of peace for their home or for the world.

Of course, people don’t like this business at all. It would be much more comfortable and simpler if they gave you everything already done and packaged.

We are the ones to multiply the creation with the seeds that God has given us.

Translated and adapted from Razones para la esperanza (José Luis Martín Descalzo, 1991).



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