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I want to recover the dream of eternity, of arduous but feasible happiness. I want a hundredfold in this life. But it is not that I want it because it is my idea but because it is a desire that someone have placed in me. That shared but forgotten human dream. I want the dream of the impossible, of the humanly unattainable, and I want it so that by obtaining it, it is shown that we were never alone, nor that we achieved it through our effort.

I want to be humanly wrong; I want to be taken for crazy for believing in an eternal and boundless love that calls us to much more than we can ever imagine. I also want to know what that love is because I don’t know it despite wanting to talk about it. Songs, poetry and poems, nature… everything tells us about that love, about that Heaven that neither eye saw, nor ear heard. That place that doesn’t need to kill but to let oneself die, living for its mission.

Although it calls to us, again and again incessantly, we no longer hear it. We cannot listen because we have lost the ability to do so. So many unnecessary noises deafen us, so many screams, so many requests for help that we no longer know what to do.

The lives of others are slipping out of our hands because it is impossible to help so many people. then we are accommodating with what we can do. What our forces allow us. And we do not listen to the call that tells us that there is nothing impossible for those who believe. We can do everything in who has all the power. We choose not to believe in it anymore, because we have no evidence that it is real. Because it is not real, it is not ostensible, neither evident nor concrete. The scientific and positivist mind tells us that we cannot believe in what we cannot measure.

But the heart rebels because it knows that there are things that exceed reason, there always were and there will be. Fear is what others will say, being left alone far from all those who have bought a new reality by not listening to the call so old and new.

The truth is covered over by tons of empty rituals, by decades of hollow idioms and by half-truths or lies that have been transmitted as truths. Also, for new solid certainties like butter before the sunlight of truth.

It is already exhausting to see how some businesses, whatever their field, nationality, start date, industry, etc., blatantly lie, invent falsehoods, propose empty needs and dismiss the client with contempt. Some business? I would say that the generality has this perverse system as a model and, at this stage of things, normalized. And we have already gotten used to things being like this and we cannot think otherwise. Changing thinking is idealistic, even romantic, and impossible.

Businesses forgot the dream of making a better world. They created lying stories that they repeated until they believed them. And they transmit them with the certainty of truth what an invention is. We are blinded.

The speed of extinction of businesses is overwhelmingly higher than that of nature. More business ideas melt than glaciers in Antarctica. Because people’s things do not have an inherent vocation for service or truth when they should! Instead, nature is naive, genuine, true, and altruistic. The silent slogan of the quarterly Excels are heard: “It is better to arrive first than to arrive together. Better success than happiness. More for me and less for you”.

The rule is to win the most money in the shortest time possible and the rules of the game are vale tudo! The dreams of entrepreneurs are short-term profit, not long-term service. Ambitious and selfish goals are proposed, but not high and surprising. Then, once all the possible income has been sucked into the idea, it disappears from worldly history, leaving only a few countable memories.

Where was the call to do great and wonderful things, perfect and sustainable? It was forgotten. We choose to leave them as unattainable superhuman ideals, while we fight to gain more, stealing the time of others.

It is filled with cyborgs, human-machine hybrids, who provide cold, helpful, dehumanizing assistance. 1–800, chatbots, predefined emails, scheduled instant messages…

They have no heart in either the service or the customer. In fact, they have absolutely no heart in what they do. Business is business. Anything goes if you win one more fiat currency.

What these entrepreneurs do not understand is that the only way to give and generate life in everyday life is to treat everyone equally, regardless of who comes. There should be no distinctions even when Pareto shows repeatedly that 20% of the people generate 80% of the profits.

Marketing killed the essence of relationships. Marketing turned people into commodities. In interchangeable things like light bulbs.

The customer is always right. The first customer is the employee. People are not resources but collaborators. The corporate bibliography is full of phrases, concepts and words of dubious origin and incomprehensible meaning.

Customer service is a set of tools that companies offer so that the buyer and/or consumer is satisfied with their purchase. The manuals teach that if it is well executed, it has a direct relationship with the success of a business.

The interpersonal bond was dehumanized to disassemble it into small pieces, to reassemble it exactly the same, but without due brotherly love. Rather, a series of steps were created, so, so obvious that it would seem incredible to think that they should be followed like a manual. Greeting, looking into the eyes, thanking, concentrating, giving value, being sincere, helping… things that come with the essence of being human.

Service to others is the main tool that defines the salvation of souls. To any neighbor without distinction.

Service is God in action. He is the first server. In six days, he gave himself completely in love so that we have the place that we have. What characteristics does this service have? The main one is a sense of excessive transcendence. An overwhelming generosity. None of what happens with the genius of today’s marketing.

The service must return to its origin, to the disinterested and committed help of the other, without expecting anything in return. Philanthropy, understood as love for humanity, must become fashionable. Altruism must be the only true north that guides all actions, not the utilitarianism or functionalism of things.

It is time to unlearn so many inhuman barbarities that we incorporate as normality. Because it’s always been done that way, because you can’t live from an ideal. Who said that? The lukewarm and mediocre who do not dare to go for more. The cowards who choose to keep what little they have instead of multiplying what they received.

Enough of accommodating lies that lead to lukewarmness. Enough of the work that is not a vocation for service but a mere accommodation to meet worldly objectives and reach an annual bonus. Success is necessary, but not sufficient. It is vital to aim for happiness that cannot be taken away rather than wanting to get 15 minutes of fame and a pat on the back.



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