Never Will the Busy Hustle and Bustle Outdo the Peacefully Calm. Never!

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

Apparently contrived and forced, but the story is real. As real as the earth, thistles, and cockatoos. It is a story that is not a story. It is historical, serious and true. In it, action, and contemplation fight in a scene with at least four characters. One of them inanimate.

In the narrative, a character in permanent movement begins marching, but finally stops for a moment when entering a space. Alluring paragraphs are said to remain unknown, but not their implicit magnetism. Unfathomable will be the brief words spoken that will disturb curious readers forever and ever. In that small area of everyday life, probably where lives spend the longest, the dialectical evolution is interrupted by a claim, by the whirlwind of action and by the need to do. Who knows if it was started by discomfort due to an unfulfilled expectation?

A scathing response will be heard in a familiar, intimate and humorous environment. The words come out funny from an intermediate smile and a restrained laugh. There action and contemplation will collide perhaps in the most brilliant and tacit way. The best part is the open, unfinished and recondite ending that will always leave us thinking.

Can there be something better than acting? Does anything exceed the existing task of the action? Isn’t movement proper to living? Can the act be defeated by some planetary or extra-planetary force?


Act, move, walk, exercise, mobilize, drive, create, go out, weave, order, compose, move, zoom in, polish, worry, delay, arrive, break, open and close.


Contemplating, meditating, quieting down, stopping, enter, ceasing, closing, containing, canceling, breathing and resting, looking, obeying, zoom our, interrupting, watching and dozing, fogging, relaxing, waiting, descending, fixing, shutting up and talking.

We will see two fraternal attitudes, one organic and the other spiritual. One better than the other. Surprisingly, action will not win but contemplation. How is this possible? Reading paradoxes, things are not always what they are and what does not seem is what it is. The absolute serenity, imperturbable and balanced, the unproductiveness, the inefficiency and the apparent uselessness achieve infinitely more than any hyperactivity however ridiculous and eager it may be.



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