Mister Mediums’ Neighborhood: : : ‘“I Have a Voice”’

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

- Hello.

- Hello.

- My dad works with people asking him questions.

- I have a parrot.

- Yesterday I saw a brown dog with three legs.

- My mom knows things about seamstress.

- The neighbor of the house over there with the stairs knows how-to blow-up balloons.

- The school I go to has two slides.

- What’s your name?

- John, what about you?

- Matthew. How old are you?

- Five, as well as one hand. And you?

- Four, like this with the fingers without the big thumb.

- Did you know that when it rains the street floods?

- No, I just moved here today. I am new to the neighborhood.

- Did you know that when it’s hot, part of the pavement melts?

- Yes, in the city I lived that happened with hot chocolate. It melted…

I stay in Medium because:



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