Found in Translation

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I am not anglophone. You will have already noticed it in my hard-working unsuccessful articles. English is a complex language. I send my regards to the stellar creators of Medium and I applaud them wholeheartedly.

Their language is full of idioms, speech figures, platitudes, mushrooming buzzwords, and neologisms I’ve tried a few here, here, and here but didn’t even last.

I do not intend to be a ‘Shakespeare of the Pampas’ but rather a friendly reading for those who want to get away from everyday concerns for a moment.

I tried to lift the obvious reality veil with some shared articles. There is something beyond what we perceive. I believe that there are malevolent spirits that tempt us, but I am convinced that there are angels that defend us and an omnipotent God that loves us.

We forget about it behind thousands of articles that suggest us what we must do to achieve immediate success. Success that they define as higher monthly economic income (Now!). That seems to be one of the recurring goals of Medium as a platform: fishing rod, bait, and catching clicks, likes, and comments.

But what is under all that superficial and successful foam when the ship reaches the other shore? What happens to the deepest human motivations thrown back into the water when the makeup of ephemeral desires is removed? Where are faith, hope, joy and solidarity in the lives that sail on calm waters of comfort?

For me, Medium is a living testament from the raging sea of my soul. A way to write down those winds and hurricanes that have been going through my heart. The success of clicks, likes and comments may never come. But that was never the goal (at least I hope so) for which I try to share my thoughts.

My wish is that once the fury of the waves of the immediate here and now passes, some, one day, find something to read between bizarre and poorly translated. Something written as an excuse to reflect.

That is my greatest wish. That the few people who slide their eyes on these lines eat something other than frozen fast food caught in the supermarket aisle. I have nothing against human resourcefulness and evolution, I just know that just as bodies weren’t meant to live on burgers and fries, our souls have more to live for than to be successful right now.

The healthiest is not usually the easiest, believe me I know! I also know that the process of each published article is steeped in positive intentions and optimistic wishes for each reader. Almost like an anonymous prayer for an anonymous brother far away in space, but close spiritually.

I share this with you, my friends-readers while I keep on preparing articles that I hope someday someone will read and find some flavor in them.



Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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