If Success is in the Fish Fishing Business… Why Change Your Occupation?

Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash


That curious, impulsive and persistent fisherman was destined for business success. His activity was thriving, he had his own boat, he employed his brother and several others, he lived in a house by the lake with his wife, children and mother-in-law, he was also healthy (or at least we do not know any physical chronic disease was affecting him). Surely like any adult with responsibilities he had his concerns and problems.

This was a normal average man, a small fish in a small pond. A hardworking and responsible man with an established path, perhaps by family tradition, perhaps by necessity or having discovered an opportunity. For some reason he was soaring his way.

Little would have been known about this little fish in the small pond if it weren’t for the fact that his brother crossed the path of a carpenter who became a ‘successful’ rabbi, who preached about love, penance, mercy and pasture for sheep. That tiny fish named Simon didn’t jump into a big pond to become a big fish. It would be a mistake to interpret him this way because he became an even more miniscule and banal aquatic animal by joining a sectarian group made up of unlikely, heterogeneous and flagrantly defective characters who, under the magnifying glass of analytical advice, was destined for a resounding and forgettable failure.


This curious, impulsive and persistent fisherman was now Peter on an probable blop destination and he had to close his venture, his worries multiplied, and his problems grew exponentially. Normality was broken, his work was completely new and unknown. The fresh way was inhospitable, mysterious and incomprehensible. He felt downgraded to almost insignificance next to the cabinetmaker skilled in the things of God.

Success is the happy result of a business, the good acceptance of someone or something, the end or termination of a business or matter. Peter failed in the world he was born into. He was shipwrecked by the canons that still prevail today. He failed the apparent mission of his life. Yes! Worldly success still eludes two thousand years later that gang of unpresentable outlaws, troublemakers, disobedient, cowardly fishermen, prostitutes, tax collectors, hypocrites and mentally impaired. Why do people still follow them? If the success was in the fish fishing business, why did they change their profession to fail?

The two successes

As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace+

+(1 Peter, 4, 10–11)



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