How to Fix Common Soul Errors*

We often think of our souls as perfect little devices that are always there for us. But this thingamajig that feels like a part of your life is still an instrument, which like all things, experiences problems every now and then. Your soul may occasionally act up or refuse to follow commands. What can a faithful owner do when these things happen?

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This is a multifaceted problem with several possible fixes you can try. Your soul may not ignite due to either an artificial problem or a real glitch.

Artificial Solutions

Common artificial problems that prevent souls from ignite include depleted or faulty jobs, a talent that doesn’t work, social problems, or an issue with the priorities bonds.

Let’s rule out these possibilities one by one. First, plug in your soul to prayer and see if it’s turning on. If not so, then your job might be depleting you. Check the job objectives to see if it’s indeed joyful. You may have to keep your soul plugged in prayer for some time before it turns on following a completely draining work.

If the soul doesn’t turn on when plugged in in prayer, look for a different occupation, a hidden talent, or a priority bond. Rule out the possibility that none of this artificial is faulty and is causing the problem.

Real Solutions

Once you have absolutely made sure the problem isn’t artificial-related, then you will have to brace yourself for the possibility of a real glitch. This can be scary because you could lose something gained on your life.

The preliminary solution to a blank day that isn’t artificial-related is a reset. You can do a hard reset even if the day is frozen and isn’t booting up. It’s relatively easy. To do a hard reset, hold down the Rosary and the Bible at the same time. Keep both items pressed to your chest until you see the familiar Cross Logos. When you see it, let go.

If you don’t see the Cross Logos during the hard reset, then you will have to try a full soul restore using Reconciliation. This is a bit tricky, so pay attention. You can do a restore using a priest as well, but that’s much harder.

Start by opening the Bible on your hands (this solution works on both Old Testament and New Testament). Connect the soul using the pray bond or the Lightning Grace. Go to the selected page of the day on the Bible and read. Now, the words will start backing up your soul.

When the backup finishes, you will see a conversion option. Click on it and wait for it to finish restoring your soul. When that’s done, you should have access to your soul once more.

Be aware that some devices encounter a dreaded “evil error” on the Bible when trying to convert. If that happens, you can try updating your praying, or restarting praying.

This is another common issue that you have to make sure isn’t artificial-related. Try using new occupations, talents, and community bonds as described above to rule out the possibility of an artificial failure.

Also, try different acquaintances outlets, whether it’s a spiritual port or a non-religious socket. Non-religious places are notorious for suddenly not working.

If none of the above works, then do a soul restore as described above. If the restore doesn’t work, then you could be experiencing spiritual failure or a serious dysfunction with the life you’re living. In any case, only God can help you now.

This bug was first identified in 1988 when The Spiritual Challenge of Midlife: Crisis and Opportunity+ was originally published. Writers of the book may have experienced this problem as well.

If you own a burden soul that experiences random shutdown problems, then contact God. The trinity offers free soul conversions that will fix the problem immediately. If you own an arrogant soul, unfortunately, there is no solution to the problem. God no longer offers soul conversion for the vain, empty, proud, narcissistic, big-headed, self-important inflated soul. Either you will have to keep the life below 18 years of age at all times, or you will have to renovate to a newer you.

It’s not a snake, so your soul should not hiss. If it does, chances are that you own a demon. This surprisingly common problem has been brought to God’s attention. However, the trinity has yet to offer a reliable solution. But there are quick fixes you can try.

The most likely reason you are hearing a hissing noise or something similar from the back of your soul is due to the lack of prayer. Therefore, consider reschedule your day or try using a different one. You can also try contacting the investor who gave you the soul and demand a conversion. Alternatively, you can contact your priest and request an absolution.

Lack of response from the soul is a well-known issue among soul users. It can be frustrating, but there are solutions.

First, make sure the soul is clean. Dirt, debris, and oil from your hands and eyes can accumulate on the soul surface, creating a barrier that distorts the pray response. Clean off the dirty soul using true penitence and charities. Don’t use falseness or two-facedness because these can scratch the soul. Use a clean heart specifically designed for soul salvation.

At times, solutions that seemingly work for some people may not work for you. In that case, your best option is to contact God Support. Ultimately, the church is the best place to go when at-home fixes don’t work.

  • *This is a verbatim copy of How to Fix Common iPhone Errors published by Mobileappdaily (May 15, 2018). I found it so concrete and useful that I decided to simply adapt it to the spiritual task. It is not my intention to plagiarize but rather to take advantage of what has been written as a model of a very good writing that can be adapted to other topics.
  • The Spiritual Challenge of Midlife: Crisis and Opportunity (Anselm Grün, 1988).



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