Great Minds Slept with this Tramp…

Photo by Kurt Francois on Unsplash

Human nature is the glue that binds body, mind and soul, flesh, ideas and spirit, strength, intelligence and passions. Neither the brightest intelligence, nor the most perverse passions or the most brutal force can unleash the systemic unity that it produces. It is universal, enduring and inexorable and, like the squaring of a circle, there is not yet an inhuman human, but dehumanized ones.

Innate human nature is perfected by acquiring, socializing, dialoguing, behaving like a Noble savage, Zoon Politikon, Homo Sapiens, Homo Faber, Homo Videns, competing and collaborating, working, producing and acting, even in mass, but above all with perpetual philanthropy. The will cannot corrupt metaphysical humanity and vice versa: nothing apprehended can tear apart the common spring of the human species, nor of its future evolutions. All men are good, although less and less remember it, or believe it.

The current sciences, with all their science, cannot glimpse beyond the positive and evident results, so often superficial, that indicate, but do not fully define, the true essence of things. The scientific method is a remarkable advance in the search for truth, but it is a meaningless tool if it does not aim at the transcendent. Going through experimentation, close observation, the microscope and the laboratory, there are other stratum of veracity, such as geological layers of the earth, that remain unexplored even for the artists of the evidences. The nature of humanity eagerly awaits to be discovered.

Lo que natura non da Salamanca non presta

Up to here and from the Greeks the restlessness remains unscathed. Even Maria Louise Madonna Ciccone sang about human nature. Then the re-questioning of rationalist reasoning dawns with an imposing mischievous grin: And who said that there is a God and why would he be infinite and good?! Is there human nature?! The brutal evidence of the common sense of reason, which escapes the corset of the scientific method, smirks because the infinite is not a dog with a muzzle. The immeasurable infinity that man neither understands nor scrutinizes awaits us.

Like Pascal’s bet: Reason is that, even if the probability of the existence of God was extremely small, such smallness would be compensated by the great gain that would be obtained, that is, eternal glory. Bet it exists without hesitation!

The reason is that, even if the probability of man’s natural goodness were extremely small, believing in such smallness would be enough to cross, again, the course of history.

…but only small hearts wake up to it!



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