From this Moment and Forever

This instant is the moment of a pact. Of an indelible alliance between each person and eternity. She already fulfilled her part of the bargain. The promise was accomplished. We have the doors of happiness wide open. Now life begins. Neither before nor after, now. This is your new chance, one more chance to choose to be happy. It’s only up to you

3 min readSep 17, 2022


Photo by Knuth Waltenberg on Unsplash

Decide for the immeasurable, embrace the uncertain and throw yourself into infinite love. Do not wait more. Life has already begun. You are loved. You more than anyone. Particularly you are unique and unrepeatable and that is why you live. Fear no more. Throw yourself headlong into abysmal love.

Your current minute is blessed. If necessary, leave your last breath loving it. Start now. Nothing will separate you from the most faithful and sincere love. Promise it. You will only love God with all your heart, soul and mind. That is the reason why you love, even without knowing it; your heartbeat is the answer to every prayer you have raised between tears, screams and despair. Love gave it all, all for you. He had nothing left to give. Your eternity is the answer you give here and now. I love you, mysterious, incomprehensible and hidden love. I love you despite myself. I love you wandering in the past and escaping in the future. In this precise and unique moment, I love you love.

Now we only need to do one thing. Leave what separates us from God. Sell ​​the sins, the insecurities, the distrust, the despair in the dens of the world. Deliver everything in the cubbyholes of success and superficiality. Abandon everything in those crypts, but return full of the light of grace, the certainty that does not disappoint, the trust in an unbreakable God, the hope in an eternal today. Afterwards, it will be necessary to go out to look for the shepherds in the mangers where the profound truths hidden in the earth are born humble, giving birth to them in the silence of the night.

Life has already begun. Now. You are the only one who can choose to save yourself. Choose happiness. Right now. Give your hand with all your heart to others. Don’t delay the start. Your dreams will come true. Believe it. Believe the one who promised and fulfilled. ‘There is nothing I wouldn’t have given for you’. And so, he did. He gave absolutely everything. Do you understand? You see it? Do you believe it? You are the answer to every prayer. Your life is your answer. Do you understand? If you live is because you are heard. You just need that certainty to be happy. Nothing more. If you live you will be loved, and you live because you’re loved. That is the promise. From now until eternity you will be loved.

Do not spare your time, your talent, your effort. Don’t keep them anymore. Surrender. Do not worry. God awaits you on the other side of this moment. Can’t you see his loving gaze waiting for you? Neither the waters nor the waves will sink you if you keep your eyes on him. He walks without fear. Look. He offered himself for you. He does it now and does it again as a Sunday ritual. Don’t be hard of understanding. Turn off your mind for a second. Listen to the heartbeat and wait for the reason. You already want to know what love is. It’s time. The time has come. From this moment and forever you will be fully free to obey the one who never fails.

From now and forever.