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Fake Gurus Scams: Beware!

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A short article by Rich Karlgaard from April 2011 titled Self-Help: The Great American Religion on Forbes led me to Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich published in 1937. I wrote about him in Oneself and The Great White Light, not directly about his work but -quoting the Karlgaard article- what he started as the precursor of Self-Help and its sort of religion. Something smelled funny. From there I went to YouTube and found Coffeezilla (also in Twitter as @coffeebreak_YT) where I consumed some of his videos that look like those of a lonely (and anonymous) vigilante without a costume, a detective without a pipe or magnifying glass, an influencer on the side of the good guys. What television research programs did in the 80s and 90s, youtubers, bloggers, twitter users, etc. do now. Sadly, they have much less bandwidth than the Get Rich Fast machinery.

Out of curiosity, I landed on The Jordan Harbinger Show episode # 368 Coffeezilla: How to Expose Fake Guru Scams podcast. There is no waste to know and understand and to warn (also) those who believe in these wannabe mentors, fans of the cult of personality who sell a cheap decorative success. Not surprisingly, the algorithm read my interest in the subject and I began to receive advertisements from Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins and Dan Pena among others on Linkedin and Instagram. Chance?

Episode # 368 of the podcast expands on these topics:

  • How fake gurus who profess to teach you how to get rich quick aren’t using these same methods to get rich — they’re using you.
  • The classic framework used by fake gurus to entice their target demographic.
  • How fake gurus leverage cult of personality dynamics to be both relatable and unquestionable.
  • How fake gurus pass off once-legitimate moneymaking methods long after they’ve become obsolete and worthless.
  • Why you don’t have to be especially gullible to fall for what a fake guru is selling, and you don’t have to be a steel-willed ice king or queen to resist their sleazy machinations.

And, as a service to the community, in the podcast of The Jordan Harbinger Show they explained how the so-called ‘Clickfunnels’ works, because the general thought is: ‘Only dumb people fall for this. No! They’re scamming everyone, from 17-year-old people to savvy investors to pensioners’.

Fake gurus they’re marketers. This is the step-by-step way to milk you out of your desperation. Classic framework used by fake gurus since the times of Napoleon (Hill). Are you in the funnel? At what part are you? Get out!

1. Ad from a guru for a free webinar (no upfront investment).

2. 3-hour webinar that is a 3-hour sales pitch for social prove.

3. Appearance of legitimacy for you to believe, it looks real.

4. In your shoes: ‘I was just like you’.

5. ‘I will tell you 1 to 3 secrets for making money: from loser to winner’.

6. ‘I will be your mentor’.

7. ‘Pay now or get out!’

8. It’s all a lie.

9. Cult of personality. ‘Don’t question the master’

10. ‘You’re the average of your 5 best friends. If they’re poor… get rid of them ’

Some of the fake gurus/practices listed by Coffeezilla to be aware of: Napoleon Hill; Tai Lopez; Ricky Gutierrez ; Caleb Maddix ; Dan Lok; Michael Mathews (WinningStockCoach); Kevin Trudeau; Dan Pena; John ‘Racks’ Crestani; Kayvon; JetSetFly; Brian Rose; Jay Mazini; The Trump Network… and many more.

And please, if you need more information or clear things up watch these videos:

1) The Dark Truth about Fake Gurus — The Thing I Never Talk About… (1/14/21) ‘They’re con-men. They’re likeable. Don’t fall for Irrationality. We like people who sell us the dream’.

2) Get Rich Quick Scammers Haven’t Changed At All, Meet Tom Vu (10/7/20 ‘Great Daddy of fake gurus: Tom Vu. A man of the people ‘. This is 1991!

3) Grant Cardone & Daymond John Want Your Last $ 1,000 💵💵💵 (2/16/21)




Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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