Dear All: Make Love, Do Exercise and Create Wealth (II/?)

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…following up.

What does that mean? Why and by whom am I loved? In the first place, it symbolizes that life has a meaning, a why, a what for and a for whom. My existence is obviously the answer to that someone and something, it is a doorlock to the afterlife. The challenge is to find the questions (the keys) that open that door. To achieve this, it will be necessary to listen carefully to the voice that calls constantly, that Someone who insistently knocks on the door, the Vital Energy, Supreme Being, Celestial Power, the Force, Almighty, Divine Majesty, Creator, Savior, Love… God. Each person will name that mystery as he has learned or chosen it.

I was also moved to find that there is always one or more people who trust, hope and want my well-being, even in spite of me many times. That sublime instant, which must be recognized, lights up the nights of days like lightning. These two shudders led me to an irrefutable conclusion: it is only we who have the authority to unleash that infinite power within us by “Open, indeed, wide open the doors…!” so that our whole being suddenly changes.

With these discoveries made, now I had to do something with it, go to two, move another box forward, write the Beta, place the second stone and take the next step. Opening the doors wide, I found a hidden treasure. That immense store of power could be used to ambition more or to give a lot. If I accumulated that vigor on myself, I was going to store more things (money, property, assets, etc.) or people in that colossal incalculable internal deposit. It was a lousy business. Growth was always going to be linear.

I chose the option of giving away with anarchic and orderly generosity all that active affection (spiritual and physical), of offering myself and material things to everyone. It seemed like an excellent business with an exponential increase for the reserves of happiness for itself and for others, changing others, me and the world. I understood that in the obvious immediate loss of self-time and self-affection there was always a hidden gain. And for that I had to work on trust. Believe with the faith of a convert that this happens before our eyes, even without seeing it. So, I found myself loved, I made love (giving generously) with trust and faith.

But I saw that there is also another way that comes from outside ripping the mountain from the surface to the core, like a mining analogy. The treasure is inside the mountain, and if we do not implode from the inside, we will have to find it from the outside with excavation and exploitation. This “vital mining” activity will extract precious raw materials that have accumulated in our stone interior (growing in height and volume each of our days) in the form of deposits. This activity is primary, because from there all the other areas of the life force will develop. The geological layers or sediments that will have to be removed include:

  1. Discover and know the mountain. Dimension it, go through it, understand it. Accept that it is there for me and for something.
  2. Walk the earth’s surface and manipulate the stones. Find ceramics and metals. Some will make tools, weapons, and coins.
  3. Shallow excavation of the exterior. Raw material can be extracted for palaces, temples and sculptures.
  4. Exploit the shallow depth. Silver, iron, marble, gold and copper will appear.
  5. Do the comminution
  6. Use water. The force of the flow to remove remnants, heat the rock and cool it with water. Thermal shock will crack the rocks.
  7. Use gunpowder to blow up rocks and dirt with vehemence.




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