Crypto’s No Man’s Land

Photo by Schildpaddie on Unsplash

The pendulum of cryptic humor fluctuates today between the extremes of the dark Armageddon and the whitish earthly paradise without being able to stop in healthy moderation. The pendulum swings from here to there, from frontier to frontier while the sober wait for the vacillation to stop one day on the shores of intermediate common sense.

Mass news headlines and social media bots on the one hand and the actions of cryptic project leaders and their armies of trolls on the other side prevent what is right and necessary from happening: simplifying life to common people. The incessant shots from each side of the trenches and the thrown grenades leave the, in this case, overpopulated No Man’s Land as a victim of the conflagration.

The apocalyptic, defenders of tradition, pessimists themselves, predict that everything will go wrong if something changes to the sound of Any time in the past was better. Defenders of the status quo claim acquired rights to uphold their authority and seize the truth. In the other trench, the Integrated, more indulgent and optimistic, will continue to enumerate the benefits of novelties, detracting from the current existence to the rhythm of The only permanent thing is change. These self-declared exclusive holders of reality, legitimacy and credibility, shout that those who do not follow them will be canceled.

While the deliberations of the extremes take place the middle inhabitants move their heads left and right as in a tennis match. In the center, which is not synonymous with mediocre, trivial or vulgar but rather with centered, equidistant and measured, ordinary people look for paths, explore, compose in the present, innovate, resignify common places (physical to virtual spaces and vice versa), build brick by brick and pixel by pixel, like Lego pieces, reality. As they do this, the shots and bombs that the extremists throw at each other travel rapidly over their heads. Did someone say that the stupidity of physical or intellectual warfare is necessary?

Like sheep without a shepherd, waiting for the path to Armageddon or Paradise, the crowd that ignores the ins and outs of technological innovations also longs for the extremes to contain themselves, curb their proud impulses and come closer so as to reduce the innocent victims of cons, scams and frauds that happen in No Man’s Land every day.

No one at the extremes wants to slow down, stop and think about ordinary people. The opportunists, wolves in sheep’s clothing, know the infinite human ambition and infinite stupidity, that’s why they go after the common people to take away what little they have. On one side they demand attention with lies and exaggerations, on the other side they suck up money and savings for projects doomed to failure, or just plain spurious.

90% of the world’s population is still in No Man’s Land when it comes to blockchain, Web3 and cryptocurrencies. There is ignorance, misunderstanding and confusion, the ideal cocktail for crooks, rogues and bandits from both sides.



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