Blockchain is a Thermomix

Bitcoin is an extract, but to truly change finances you need a vegetable pot

The solution of a problem will depend on the algorithm that is used to obtain a result and/or on a quota-part of chance. The same conclusion can be reached with different processes. So, 2+5 is the same as 2x3+1 which is equal to 9–2 and which is the same as asking how many days are in a week

Blockchain is a process like cooking. A recipe (transparent and universal system) that combines ingredients (compute data) and yields a dish of food (public data).

It could be personified simply as a non-human cooking chef (non-middleman technological controller) who enables the best, and greatest results from ingredient combinations (peer-to-peer transactions).

To cook vegetables someone must plant and harvest before. To savor the marrow of the vegetables, each person will choose a culinary path. Cooking necessarily implies the others and what they did and that relationship between peers will occur through transactions.

The difference in processes (paths) is defined by the different interpretations or understandings of reality that everyone has. Some people pay others (outsource the process) to deliver the plant extract to them. It does not matter how it is if the agreed price of the shake is convenient, it is delivered in a timely manner and the flavor is adequate.

Other people choose to do it themselves or using old technology (knives or non-electric machines), or using modern technology (blender).

At a certain moment in time the practice is established as a norm for the processing of the fruit drink. The ingredients are delivered by a vendor who receives them from another vendor who in turn harvests them on their plot of land. On this standardized value chain, another general rule for vegetable juice extraction is defined: the blender.

But the blender and the given ingredients are not the only philosophy of the drink. It is simply the most widely used tool that facilitates the process to obtain a result. In this way, the regulation of centralization is the statute established for cooking.

To achieve true decentralization of the culinary arts, innovating with technology (from blender to Thermomix) is a necessary condition, but not a sufficient one. The true transformation of finances will come when each person has a vegetable pot in their house to obtain the raw material for gastronomy.



Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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