Axiom 2: Altruism is More Efficient and Effective Than Selfishness

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Why are limits preferable in order to progress?

They avoid individual disintegration because the unlimited is either eternal or selfish. The eternal belongs only to God, therefore, it is perfect. The selfish is human, therefore, imperfect. Ambition and accumulation are man’s needs that know no limits to his desires and whose goal is only to have for the sake to have.

They maintain mental and physical health. Limits command. They give a sense of direction, establish structure and rules. There is one inside and one outside that separates right from wrong. The division is clear and objective. The lack of limits messes up because it has multiple simultaneous anomalous and corruptible directions. In the unlimited what is morally good or bad is subjective and blurred.

What determines the limits and their arbitration?

The ability to say no. God said ‘This and thus far’. Knowing and wanting to respect the border is a sign of sanity and moderation. The opposite is incontinence and overflow of freedom.

The expectations of others are limitless. Not fulfilling them is the duty of the limited man, entirely free. Limiting yourself is not living beyond your strength or capabilities.

Can people be fully happy without limits?

No, life is naturally relational. This means that constant interaction needs to define the self, develop one’s personality and distinguish it from others. No one can truly meet others if they don’t meet themselves first. Happiness is knowing your own limits… and loving them! (Romain Rolland)

What are the characteristics of limits?

  • Boundaries prevent arguments because they help find a balance between proximity and distance.
  • Boundaries are sacred and must be respected and protected. Its transgression produces abuses and hoardings.
  • The limits are moral, social and cultural norms.
  • The limits must be taken care of with clear rules.
  • Boundaries create relationships.
  • +Grün, Anselm. Grenzen stezen - Grenzen achten (2004).



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