Axiom 1: All Creatures are Naturally Good

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Evil exists before man even existed. Evil is an invention of invisible and real creatures, but not of men. Evil has a history prior to human History. A beginning with a mystical explanation that is concretely intertwined with today’s reality because man is the one who applies evil to the world.

The story before History tells that evil was born from a rebellion, from the voluntary disobedience of a spiritual being who wanted more than he could have. He possibly would have wanted something morally good in a different way than learned. That original creature appropriated something foreign, wanted to appropriate the Truth, and in trying to do so he became evil.

How did the desire for evil appear in that good, intelligent, free, invisible and original being?

As a consequence of freedom. Those beings were free to love God as God wanted to be loved (total happiness), but they preferred not to do it as they were asked but to disobey (voluntarily choosing a momentary pleasure). They wanted to “love him better” without realizing that the sum of momentary pleasures does not equal total happiness. The impossibility of qualitatively and quantitatively improving what was received led them to rebellion. Lucifer shouted: ‘I will not serve!’ (Non serviam). “It is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven,” said the fallen angel Mammon in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Why does God want to be loved as He wants?

Because he is God. There is no point in arguing with God’s logic, which is perfect. Wanting to question perfection from fallibility claiming some inherent right to know is plain and simple arrogance. The humility of loving God as He asks is synonymous with happiness. There is no other way. Giving away the freedom given to God is the maximum expression of humility and service, it is sighing in the ear of eternity: ‘I will serve! I would rather serve on earth than reign in hell.

Why not love him as each one wants?

Because man is not the measure of all things. Because, even if he seeks it, man will not be a god. Because man is not who he is. Because we are imperfect, inferior. Because it is better for man, his soul, the world and his neighbor to serve than to reign.

If there is no other way to be happy, how did pride appear in the first tempter?

It appeared because his own free imagination had the ability to create ideas and concepts. The mind was a seed of a tree that grew on the vast plain of the heavenly garden where the angels played. A self-absorbed mind reflected on how to love God more and better. Thinking of itself and of a different way of loving, he discovered that he was capable of more than he believed or knew. He thought that this plus ultra came from his own reasoning ability and so he chose this one over God. The leaves of the trunk clinging to the celestial earth expanded on the branches, green, vigorous, full of energy and for the first time in history there was a different shadow, and a new fruit, invented by reason in Eden.

The sun no longer illuminated everything, the light did not shine the same in the rest of the Garden. The disobedient, proud and self-sufficient mind created, without God, the lush foliage of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with its sweet and tempting new product. And from among its serpentine branches it appeared slithering the mind in the form of a viper. Pride became an umbrella that did not let through the sincere light.

Why does the mind have the ability to turn against its own Creator?

Because God left glimpses of his glory in every created thing, which are tools and means that lead all things to God. Those flashes are not his own light, but reflections of a unique light, generated before all centuries. A candle lit by the intellect or human first fruits, if they do not come from the candle of eternity, are a falsehood.

How was the first lie born?

When the creature believed himself more than the Creator. Before the woman and man appeared on earth, the lie already existed. But the lie needed the first man and the first woman to become real, visible and with it launch the race of time and death in the world.

Why is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil not destroyed?

Because its fruits are delicious, because its foliage is welcoming, because of the curiosity it arouses in people walking towards it. Because many of those who have to be saved are still sheltered in its shadow.

Furthermore, God brutally revealed (by sending his only Son into the world) that darkness does not bring happiness. The light shone in the darkness, but the world did not recognize it. The banner of victory over evil on each crucifix is ​​deliberately ignored on a daily basis.

Why can’t people see truth and goodness over evil and deception?

Because to be able to see the depth of the mystery it is necessary to mature the faith, that is, purge it of the artifacts, decorations, parasols, awnings, smoke and delicacies that do not allow it to be pure as in enlightened childhood. To grow in faith is to unlearn and get rid of all the structures, prefabricated molds and tricks incorporated like thistles of the world.

And man, by yielding to the suggestion of the tempter, became a henchman and accomplice of the rebellious spirits.

What is the routine that leads us to the truth?

Sleep safe in the confidence of the gift of life. Waking up with gratitude to the God of life for the new day. Take a daily spiritual bath of the word. Dress with the joy of hope that does not disappoint and go out on the road with a smile and a mission. Stopping along the way to wipe someone else’s feet. Return to the feet of Jesus to receive him, pour perfume on his feet, fill them with tears and wipe them with your own hair. At dinner eat the bread of the Eucharist, sharing it with family, friends and strangers. Going to sleep with the peace of the task accomplished, hoping to have one more day to start the routine of salvation again.



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