The journey of a nation, from its initiatory journey to rebirth. What is the meaning of homeland? Where is it going and what does it mean? Incalculable answers and interpretations are fit. It is time to reflect and stop taking everything for granted. Time to break the rules to…

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The dawn of Peronism

While I was bathing this morning I was challenged by the shower, the warm water, its habitual nature, the never-forgotten pleasure of being neat and clean. Then, energy, impedance and freedom struck me. The internal or external factors that frighten you number by the millions!

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What a credible person is like? How to convey true messages? Credibility and trust are a living water. Where is it and how to drink from it? What happens when unbelief and disbelief come to the fore?+ Can a mendacious person become credible?

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Stakeholder Engagement Plan

For over 16 years I’ve seen her every day in action, but I may never tell her I’m trying to learn. I clarify that it is out of precaution and not out of cowardice. Please do not tell her!

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The colorless life of a bird that a cow shits on. A hungry coyote listens to it. From gray lives to polychromatic souls. If the end is me, my destiny is to drown in gold. Maybe there is another end, maybe we will find it surrounded by the everyday shit…

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Just testing…

Asking the right questions should be high up in the ranking of the hardest things out there. Asking with skill and sincerity to others, and to ourselves, corresponds to qualify it almost as an art. Such a skill or trade can be learned and taught. For this it is necessary to have a wise teacher and humble disciples attentive to the instructions. All skill is graspable with practice, aptitude, and disposition.

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Pablo Lacasia

Communicator. Entrepreneur, Traveler, Tech Enthusiast, Singularity U. Alumni. Photo of abuelo José Pablo Lacasia (c.1930)

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