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Only for today I will resolve what is possible, with modesty and happiness, doing good, trusting, without fear. Only for today. When the mind reminds the body to avoid the present. Charles Dickens feat. Angelo Roncalli

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There are three obstacles to enjoying today. The first is the visit of the Ghost of Times Past. From reason and childhood when everything was innocent, when we did not realize what time was and love was pure and simple. The memories of our past self, what we did or did not do, the words that hurt another or that hurt us, the exact moment of the accident or when we avoided it because no one dies on the eve, what we lost, what we did not gain, what they took from us justly or unjustly.

The second is the…

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What should we do in the face of catastrophe? What to do when it seems that there is nothing to do because everything around us — in our body or in our soul — seems to collapse? What to do then? Turn to God screaming? Desperate claw at the air? Cry and cry?

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Fr. Arrupe found himself in 1945 in the midst of one of the most appalling catastrophes that humanity had ever known: the explosion of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. That morning, a heartbreaking light burned the city to ashes, causing more than two hundred thousand dead and wounded in a few minutes. Nobody understood anything. No one knew where that destructive force came from. He only saw that the city had been reduced to ashes and knew that, without a doubt, next to the dead there would be thousands, tens of thousands of wounded. What to do? …

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Characters in search of an author or men in search of meaning, or forces in search of a name… A new way of naming business arrive almost daily. Which one will prevail? How will we call it? For now ‘Impact Investing’ is winning the new economy industry standardization auction

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Jessica Freireich and Katherine Fulton from the Monitor Institute released an 86-page document entitled Investing for Social & Environmental Impact completed in January 2009 with lead funding and support from The Rockefeller Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

It was a seminal paper of its kind and the one that drafted the name impact investment for the ‘using [of] profit-seeking investment to generate social and environmental good’. Here I share some extracts, links on the subject, orientations to understand more and several tumble ideas to discuss and further develop.

Promise, Peril and Precision

‘Evidence suggests that many thousands…

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It is not us who do our works, it is our works that make us

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The only thing that we humans are going to add to this world, which is constantly being created, is our work, our possibilities for something new to emerge and remain in it after our death. We will depart and there will be still standing the cathedrals, the great engineering works, but also the humble table that the carpenter made and the brick wall that the bricklayer built. We are, with it, little gods, tiny creators. …

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All, almost all humans, have lived this experience. Some before, others later have known that “fear of living” and have felt the temptation to take refuge in our old childhood where we believed that lies, coldness, and gunfire did not exist

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«I have this many years, joy, youth and strength to live, but, on many occasions, I feel different and aloof from others. I laugh, I talk, I think, I enjoy and suffer with and like them, but always, sooner or later, I run away. I don’t know who of us puts up that wall, but I can’t cross it without feeling, most of the time, happy and unreal and I still don’t know the reason for that wall. I try to be sociable, but I end up longing for my lonely walks on the beach or on the road. My…

Life lessons

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The sun burned in my hands

which is a lot to say;

the sun burned in my hands

and I distributed it,

which is saying a lot.

Indeed, it is a lot to be able to say about a human being who has achieved that double wonder: that the sun burned in his hands and that he has known how to distribute it. I don’t know which of the two feats is more prodigious.

Naturally, when we talk about the sun burning in someone’s hands, what we are saying is that their life is full, radiant, that their years have…

Life lessons

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Lacking the spirit to succeed, in debt, divorced, without children or plans or projects, this man had not achieved any financial or personal success in his thirty years of life. He worked as a part-time bartender and teacher in an industrious first world city. It was a resounding failure, another gray, mediocre and anodyne life that roams the world. When his first wife abandoned him, she left a grumpy note in the empty house: “You’ll never go anywhere, you’ll never make any money and you’ll never make a name for yourself.” He rushed to the bottom of the dark pit…


But my will gets weak/ And my thoughts seem to scatter/ But I think it’s about forgiveness/ Forgiveness/ Even if, even if you don’t love me/ I’ve been trying to get down to the Heart of the Matter/ Because the flesh will get weak/ And the ashes will scatter/ So I’m thinking about forgiveness

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I go back to that song again and again. It is like a hymn, like a mantra or almost like a prayer for me. And the cadence of its music and lyrics surround me every time I listen to it. Says Don Henley, the lead vocalist of The Eagles, that it took him 40 years to compose the song for 4 minutes of singing. How well it was worth the wait to get to the heart of the matter!

And without carrying things too far, the song has some explanations from its authors here and there, about broken hearts, divorces…


La mayoría de los humanos vive entre tinieblas. ¿Qué sentido tiene su vida? ¿Será corta, larga? ¿Por qué el dolor? ¿Por qué tanto sufrimiento en este mundo? ¿Y todo no tendrá más desenlace -mas desaguadero, más bien- que la muerte? La noche de la Humanidad es densa

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Hay un pequeño poema-oración del cardenal Newman que me voy a permitir copiar aquí y ahora para mis lectores:

Guíame, luz bondadosa,

las tinieblas me rodean,

guíame hacia adelante.

La noche es densa,

me encuentro lejos del hogar,

guíame hacia adelante.

Protégeme al caminar.

No te pido ver claro el futuro,

sólo un paso, aquí y ahora.

«Sólo un paso». ¿Por qué será que esta oración me recuerda tanto el Padre Nuestro? Siempre me ha maravillado que Jesús, cuando enseñó a rezar a sus discípulos, les invitara a pedirle a Dios sólo «el pan para hoy», como dice el texto…

Life lessons

When a war breaks out, people say: “It’s too stupid; it can’t last long.” But though the war may well be “too stupid,” that doesn’t prevent its lasting. Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves*

Pandemics, plagues, loneliness, common good, selfishness, not my fault, solidarity…

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One of my hobbies — my friends already know it — is rereading the old books from my youthful years. And these days it has been the turn of La Peste, that novel in which, so prodigiously, Camus sums up all the European thought of the 1940s.

And, in this rereading, I was particularly impressed by the story of Rambert, the journalist who, in the novel, discovers solidarity.

Rambert is a young, happy man. He has left a beloved woman in France and travels to Oran, to do a report, a few days before the plague breaks out in the…

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