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Still with the creative airs of an infant playing with LEGO and the sketches of towns with intersections crossing with the universal features and the different perceptions about the reasons for the behaviors

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When the night seems to say all hope is lost, gone away; But I know I’m not alone by the light she stands*


With designer or creative or architect airs, almost like an infant playing with LEGO, I outlined the town of existence with fifty intersections that cross the behaviors and/or universal traits of living beings (especially humans) with different views, studies, logic or perceptions about the reasons for these algorithms

Diego Jimenez — HUMAN CITY Behance

Three Traits for the Eleven tribes under the sky, seven for the Dwarf-minds in their hearts of stone, nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, one for the Dark Lord on his dark throne in the Land of Pain where the Shadows lie. …

Legally, the Argentine Republic was a republican, democratic, representative, and federal country of South America, located in the extreme south of Latin America

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‘Pick up, you bastards! Is there anyone there? — Yes, what do you see? — Iceberg, right ahead!’*


SVG Clipart

Loneliness is like a fronton in which the balls of thoughts bounce. She is there, fixed, solid and permanent. Each restlessness is a ball that goes towards the wall and returns unfailingly towards us. The whys and whatfors alternate, over and over again, between the wall and us. A reciprocal, passing, slow and parsimonious monologue is gathering there.

Racquet Mag


For the revolutionary, the reactionary, the obedient of the right from wrong, the one who is not agitated by the vogue among so many providers of annoyances. ‘You have to wear blinders sometimes… Most times [Seven times]’ (William Somerset)

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A sharp reading — whose authorship I will not reveal— has concerned my soul for ten springs. The reader will find many clues here!, in addition to the splinters I’ve written in the leaves that were collapsing from the branches of the leafy Medium

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My truth, your truth… Eventualities. Things share a common language that is unknown. Those mysterious words fills everything with meaning and the only way to know it is by learning the language of Truth

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Writer. Pic of abuelo José Pablo Lacasia (c.1930)

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