9+1: Triangles and a Virtuous Circle

From our mind, body, and soul, caring our well-being doing good, telling the truth, and creating beautiful things we’ll transcend ourselves; we improve culture aligned with nature. Consciousness lights the way to awareness. Then, with joyful lives, working freely and hoping for the best, we’ll approximate fulfillment. That happiness smile with hard work and patience will produce success. And maintaining that multiplying effect from what we’ll have learnt will be our future. A time for profit, growth, and sustainability, maybe? Or do we have to pick only two? We’ll be alive anyways, sensible, full of energy longing for changes. That day will come, and thrive will be the consequence of our stability, consistence, and individuality. A flourishing progress, not the old one but a new one, abundant of impact, technology, and profits. How we’ll manage this: with clear scope, time, and costs. For what? For good, cheap, and fast results (but pick only two!) to accomplish quality products, services, and lives.

Thinking in the people, planet, and profit with a triple bottom line to make social, environmental, and economic changes, we’ll finally, yes, accomplish sustainability, and our minds, bodies and souls, caring our well-being doing good, telling the truth…

We’ll start again this virtuous circle that are triangles.

9 well known triangles chain reaction, and an outcome: 1 virtuous circle



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