27 Axioms: For You & Your Children’s Children

Photo by Hannes Richter on Unsplash
  • All creatures are good by nature.
  • Altruism and its limits are more efficient and effective communally than selfishness.
  • Time spent on something unproductive is the most useful way to spend time.
  • Nobody can give what does not have.
  • No one loves what he does not know.
  • The most obvious reality of life is death.
  • We can only live the present moment.
  • You can’t not communicate.
  • Only the truth sets people free.
  • Equality is natural and inequality is human.
  • Life is not squeezed, but expands and transforms.
  • We are the result of millions of years of behavior and adaptability of our ancestors.
  • Without history there can be no future.
  • A single act of love can save a life completely lost.
  • Distractions are the stupidest ways to get away from happiness.
  • The vastest pandemic in space and extended in time of Humanity is spiritual blindness.
  • Faith is a gift.
  • Nobody succeeds alone.
  • Living is free.
  • All communication has content.
  • There is no unlearned behavior. Everything can be unlearned.
  • Human plasticity is almost infinite.
  • There are no physical or mental limitations for the spirit. It can transcend infinity.
  • Humane repertoire is limited.
  • Man is a social being by nature.
  • Sustainability is the solution, not a problem.
  • Communication involves digital and analog modalities.




Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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