2021 An Earth Odyssey: The Four Argentinean Chapters+

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The events that happen on this piece of the planet seem like science fiction. As always, reality surpasses the tale. The similarities between this year’s events and 2001 Space Odyssey are portentous. The fascinating Argentine history is for some the summit of political immaturity, for others, a gain of fishermen. The rioplatense film, like Kubrick’s, has four chapters. 1. The dawn of Peronism; 2. The populist trip; 3. Mission to democracy; 4. Beyond politics.

The dawn of Peronism

The journey begins more than 70 years ago with the emergence of the Justicialista Party, initiated by Juan Domingo Perón. The Argentines lived together peacefully, but a change of posture scared away other men who worked calmly. Perón is presented as a monolith that gives superior intelligence compared to other species. The Peronists discover how to use politics as a weapon of attack and control. The Peronists throw politics into the air as a symbol of victory and conquest.

The populist trip

Present. Argentina continues to be governed by Peronism. The bone of the policy of victory and conquest reached the 21st century. At the dawn of this time, when receiving the light of a terrible pandemic, politics emits a deafening signal: the obvious hypocrisy, almost a hundred years old, of do as I say not as I do.

Mission to democracy

In the year 2021 the national ship heads towards a destination that nobody knows. The crew in command of the mission are few. Argentina now has natural ‘Artificial Intelligence’, which has eyes and ears. The objective of the mission is to reach full democracy, but the navigators do not know it.

Beyond politics

When the ship is trying to reach democracy, a black monolith appears flying in space. It is politics again, but this time it is not partisan. The people aged by the crazy journey of more than 70 years point it out. Democracy becomes fetal. Everything is yet to be lived. Argentina has been reborn and is ready for what is to come.

This was not said by Zarathustra. The book is for everyone, no one is left out.

Inspired, paraphrased and quoted: Película 2001: Odisea en el espacio de Stanley Kubrick by Marián Ortiz (2020)




Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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Writer. Pic of abuelo (c.1930)

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