10 Non-Communist General Program Movement Measures for the Metaverse

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Ludic conception of history

What determines the evolution of the human race and history? Conflicts over money, power and land? Contradictions of opposites and diversities? The struggle to impose a quality over differences? The tension between the owners and the workers of the production goods? The economic and social situation of the rich and the poor? The long-standing fight between creditors and debtors? The dialectic, the ideas, the prejudices, the acquired rights?

If there is no more work in the future, how will the relations of production change? If the “job” is to play day and night, without schedules or bosses to earn money, what types of conflicts can appear? Blind fanaticism, cheating, crooked bets? Ahead it appears as a great plain, almost infinite, in which each one will choose with whom and what to play to live. The new virtual bourgeoisie will be the owners of the platforms, the new aggregators of the Web3, perhaps a little less capitalist, but not so communist. Little time remains to discover it.

The idiosyncratic harmony

At first there may be no conflicts because anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to choose for whom and how to play without physical or geographical limitations. As quickly as you got to one virtual space, you can move to another. No hassle or effort. There are no oppressors or oppressed, there are opportunities and opportunists, there are pioneers and adventures. It is the desire to play and compete that moves human musings, which unfortunately were perverted and turned into war by the irrational people who want a competition without clear rules or limits. Cultural, historical and national differences can live and coexist in a virtual Eden that proposes guidelines established in advance: whoever does not comply with them will not be able to compete or will have to alternate with other places in the Metaverse where perversion reigns. What will be the “policies” that will define the coexistence of the Metaverse, of the whole and its parts, and who will have the monopoly of force to enforce them?

In the beginning the players will be alienated, not because of a lack of autonomy or because they are pieces of a wicked industrial machinery, but because they will spend much of their time outside of Real Reality navigating in virtuality. Their time will give them their sustenance without being interested in what the bourgeois owners of parts of the Metaverse do. At least in the beginning it could be like that.

The banners, flags and ideologies of the reality will sooner or later invade virtual lands with traditional and unusual methods of warfare. The idiosyncrasies of some groups will seek to dominate, but it is possible that finally there will be a harmony similar to what John Lennon sang in Imagine. The property will be almost infinite with which there will be no historical conflicts. The general program will need to:

  1. Provide virtual land and its income to collaborate with the maintenance of the Metaverse.
  2. Gradual decrease in blockchain transaction gas.
  3. Inheritance of avatars to whoever wants to delegate them.
  4. Opportunity to acquire virtual land to those who did not own real land.
  5. Decentralization of money in the hands of individuals without a national bank, without fiat currency or a monopoly of money issuance.
  6. Decentralization of servers and software.
  7. Multiplication of opportunities to play.
  8. Proclamation of the general duty to play as work.
  9. Articulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology; tendency to gradually blur the differences between reality and fiction.
  10. Opportunity for children to learn through play.

The qualities of contestants

There will be no staunch enemies or need to destroy the other. Each one will be the owner of the capacities that he possesses, either individual or collective. Each one will have access to what his time and talent allow. The teams will work for all of them, distributing the winnings as they consider best. Ready Player One, Ready Player Two… Ready Player n-1. What is generated above what is pawned will be shared by all the inhabitants of the Metaverse for its maintenance and growth. The inputs and outputs of the new verses will not be owned by anyone. Each thing produced will have a price and there will be no wage earners since everyone will be able to live independently from their game.

Will what you earn be enough to sustain life? What will become of the legacy financial system, the central banks and corporate banking, the trading experts, and the rule makers and the rule of law? What, how and who will rule? Are we entering a reality in which it will be possible to live better?

Little time remains to discover it.



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